Thursday, November 12, 2015

Reasons to Run

Nature has done one heck of a job with Fall in New England this year. The colors, the mild temperatures and lack of hurricanes and Nor’easters have kept me running, biking and grinning from ear to ear! As excited as I am for ski season, I am very happy for the extended Indian summer we have been given. As the days have gotten shorter, after work R&R (Runs and Rides) have moved to sunrise R&R in order to avoid getting run over in the dark. This fall has been more about getting out and enjoying it than anything else. I have met up with friends to run or ride and, as my roommate pointed out, managed to resist the urge to drop them when I got antsy! More about group training later but for now let’s talk about reasons to run. (or ride, or hike, or whatever, just get out there!)

Over the last year I trained for two marathons and though I didn’t end up running one in the spring and opted for the half this fall, I’m taking a little break from structured running. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still out the door at stupid o’clock on most mornings, I’m just heading out without a plan or workout in mind. I love a solid training schedule and structured workouts but it’s important to get back to running for fun, because that’s the root of it. Races, miles, PRs, splits and paces are all key but running is the thing.

People always ask, “why do you run so much?” I don’t have a good go to reply, especially for people that aren’t runners so during each run over the past month or so I have chosen a reason for running that day. The list is on going but I have a pretty good start;

1. Because today I had the Cliff walk all to myself!
After a tourist packed summer that’s pretty great!

2. Because it’s a reasonable excuse to wear neon.
            Safety first.

3. Because hill repeats is the best workout you can get when you only have 15 minutes!
            Sneaky workouts are exciting!

4. Because I’m in Bermuda and the other crew haven’t done the beach loop.

5. Because the track is empty early in the morning.

6. Because the sunsets have been epic and I don’t want to miss one.
            they never get old…

7. Because my new shoes finally arrived!

8. Because it’s November 12 and it’s still 50 degrees outside.
9. Because you can’t bike in the rain but you can run anytime!

10. Because I moved into a new apartment and I have a new local loop to explore.

So what’s your reason? Put on a reflective vest and some long tights and get out there this weekend.